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After a brief stay at Newton vineyards I departed in 1993 to represent a French cooperage. Although I regretted leaving my true love, making wine, I welcomed the passport to numerous wine regions of the U.S., and ultimately the goal of making my own wine. In 1994 I had spare time during harvest and I worked for an Oregon producer coordinating the picking and production of Pinot Noir. Despite my involvement in making beautiful wines I decided I could not trust the fickle mistress we call Pinot, perhaps a more sturdy wine, less feminine, more reliable was what I sought. A tomboy of Pinot.

During the winter I toured through the Rhône using my cooperage connection and visited Chave, Rostaing, Voge, and Beaucastel. It was then I became enlightened and found Syrah. Oddly enough, Syrah is one of the few feminine varieties, in French "la Syrah". I have been known to describe my wines as a ballerina who has taken up kick-boxing, the tom-boy who doesn't mind getting a bit grubby, earthy, grounded, but is attractive, pretty, and alluring in expression. The Syrah grape has enlightened me to the versatile yet unpredictable facets of the resulting wine. Syrah also has a remarkable ability to adapt from the cool climate of Sonoma Coast and Santa Barbara to the heat of a dry farmed vineyard in Calistoga. All the wines have a unique and desirable expression of Syrah from each site. Thus, many (but not all) of my wines are single vineyard designated.



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